Thursday, December 22, 2005

I think I figured out why I hate Christmas

I think its partly because I don't have any kids of my own. This is by design, I have never wanted children. Since I don't have any, I have never had to 'make' Christmas for anyone, so I see it for what it is; a holiday of gluttony, over spending and excess. Don't get me wrong, normally those are right up my alley, but there seems to come with this a sense of entitlement. "Its Christmas so I can cut you off and in the spirit of forgiveness you won't run me off the road." "It's the season of forgiveness so I will push you at the mall, cut in front of you in line and take the last parking spot and you will not pull out a spoon and cut out my heart"

I wouldn't be so sure. If you think road rage is bad, add to that no parking, way too many people at your mall and rain and you better be wearing a Superman suit that really works.

Spaghetti be Thy name, RAmen.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Merry Kwanzaa Bitches

So, this winter is a little different than last. We didn't have any visitors, no family, no tree, no lights. This year, we have family from both sides coming to stay for awhile but still no lights.

Its funny, at work its perfectly okay to put up christmas decorations, but not for me to discuss Pastafarianism. I am not allowed to say, "no, please don't put up a wreath" because I don't do christmas, but if I was jewish or muslim, I would be perfectly acceptable to say just that. I just get really uncomfortable in the presence of a lot of christmas decorations. I think its ridiculous to cut down trees just to throw tinsel on them and call it decor. I think its equally stupid to think that if you don't have lights strung everywhere and a wreath on every door, then you aren't in the christmas spirit. I always thought it was in the heart, not on the door. But that is me. I digress.

I have my mom, dad, brother/sisterinlaw coming from California to Washington hauling a trailer with my furniture in it. They wanted to do this last winter, but I talked them out of it since it was really snowy in the passes and I still don't know why they can't haul a trailer in, say, MAY! Whatever. I don't expect to see my furniture ever again. None of them have ever towed a trailer before and trying to do it in the snow is going to suck. But travelling in favorable weather is just silly I suppose. Please think of them on the 26th of December while they are driving north on I5 and wish them luck to get here safe and in one piece.

bah humbug.

Monday, December 12, 2005

tis the season...

I don't "do" christmas.

I mean, I don't buy presents, I don't do parties, I don't decorate my house or a tree. I just don't, and I don't spin any cycles trying to understand or explain it either.

But I love making cookies, so this is my season! I love finding new recipes and making all the goodies that everyone loves this time of year. I just found one recipe that is just yummy. Its called Peanut Butter Smore Bars. OMG! so good, but I have a really bad habit of wanting to change a recipe before I try it. So I made a point of making this as printed and they are so yummy. This doesn't mean I won't be changing them the next time I make them, but they are dang yummy as is. You can find the recipe at

Monday, December 05, 2005

A truck is a truck, right?

I have a Chevy full size pick up, and I am going to get a Toyota 4x4. I have already gone round and round about the Domestic/Import arguments, but with today's gas prices I can't let patriotism keep me from being able to make my mortgage payment after I fill that thing. Knoarmann (my truck) is 12 years old, 168k and down to 16mpg. With a 24 gallon tank, that takes me about 50-60 dollars to fill, depending on prices on any given corner. That also gets me about 10 trips back and forth to work, so I am at every other week. Unfortunately, my employer is not giving me more money to fill up even though he was kind enough to move 5 more miles away.

I have a chance to get a nice small 6cyl Toyota for about 3500 with a just rebuilt engine, that will get me at least another 200k. Yeah, seems like an obvious choice. Especially at 23+mpg. I will fill up about the same interval, but for about half the price. Yeah, I like that. Don't judge me! ;)

The BUZZ has gone girly!

100.7 the BUZZ was the last oasis of manly man stuff. With personalities like BJ Shea, and Tom Leykis. It was a station that men could go and talk about men stuff. Like, as Mr. Leykis puts it, how to get more tail for less money. So sad for the men in the area who now have only Tom Leykis to give them this advice, pre recorded and replayed at a later time on another station that is not dedicated to talk radio.

What happened to the Buzz? 100.7 is now THE WOLF! Country music from the 80's, 90's and today. That is about as girly as it could go except if it became the My Little Pony station. I love country music, but I love all kinds of music. I am very happy to have a second country station to pick from again. I was devastated when KYCW Young Country 96.5 became The Point at noon on a friday. I was leaving for lunch and we listened to it at work, so when I got to my truck, I was confused when I heard INXS and realized that the station had switched without any warning. I can't stand the one country station that has been kicking around here since the beginning of time. They have a dedicated audience of blue hairs and geriatrics. Sigh.

Anyway, THE WOLF is kicking off with 10,000 songs commercial free. We figured thats about 3 weeks of straight music. I am going to refrain from deciding on how good the station is until I hear what kind of real programming they are going to do and who the on air personalities will be.