Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Memorable moment from Burningman 2005

actually, I spent most of my nights asleep, I only was out dancing 2 nights and spent those at one of two clubs. Clubs?!? okay camps with big domes and huge speakers!

I was working the morning shift at Camp Arctica so I was asleep by midnight at the latest and if I wasn't dancing I was in bed by 10. I was up by 6 am every day, and that is by far the best time to be out and about. I would actually go dancing in the morning at the clubs that were still hopping.
There was one guy at one of these clubs in the morning who I had seen talking to a girl who stepped away turned around and gave him the double thumbs up like " Sure, whatever you say buddy" I couldn't hear their conversation, but I got the gist of it, and then he was heading straight for me. Oh gawd. So I watched him from behind sunglasses as he headed straight to me without once looking at my face, just at the sisters. First words out of his mouth? "You have magnificent breasts." Well, this set into motion a story line I would throw at drunken sailors; "Thank you, I think I got them too big though. They weigh me down." him: "What do you mean you got them too big?" me: "They aren't real" him: "well they are still magnificent. I am going to bed, wanna come?" me: "I think its important that I tell you that I used to be a man, and it was three surgeries ago, I am a little sensitive about it and don't call me Kevin!"
I could almost see his brain misfire on that one, as he took one last look at the girls he just walked away and left the area. I wonder if he ever found anyone to accompany him?

I'm just sayin.