Friday, March 30, 2007

What's the latest you ask?

So much, not enough and lots of stuff. I got dumped the just before Valentines day, and had to move out of the house that I found, painted and put a washer/dryer and hot tub into.

Well since the last post, I have moved; TWICE! yes, the first one turned out to be a bust. I met a very nice guy on my housing search, he seemed down to earth and sincere, but I guess after having had such bad judgement for so long, it should be no surprise he turned out to be a little bi polar with a psycho "on again, off again" fiance. Within the first 36 hours of living there I saw him abuse a dog and they tried to drag me into their drama. I had to get out of there, but before that I had to get out of the country.

I went to Whistler BC that next weekend with a group of friends and acquaintances. Got to know them better and had a great time, and then the planets aligned and the fat lady sang and I found out that one of them was looking for a new housemate. So I made plans to meet her and her husband for dinner and see if we jive. It was a great dinner with lively conversation and then the tour of the house. During the tour there were statements like "you could..." or "this is your..." So I finally asked if they were opening their home to me. YAYAYAYAY!I had instantly felt at ease there, so I was hoping for that. Thank you!

So, exactly two weeks after moving in to one place, I hired three men to move me to where I now call home. (Which is in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle) I wanted my friends to still love me and asking them to move me twice in as many weeks seemed a bit pushy. I may hire people to do it from now on. It was too easy and stress free.

I was done about 5pm on Saturday and had a 6pm birthday dinner to get to. Eeek! Find clothes, change clothes, find shoes, where are my keys!?!?theretheyaretimetogetoutthedoor!
Phew! I think that day will be what I consider a big turning point. I found a safe place to land and heal, and met some really sweet people at the birthday dinner, too. Lots of new stuff.