Thursday, February 09, 2006

Has this ever happened to you?

Okay, so I got dressed this morning and since I was wearing khakis with no pockets on the back, I put on my silkiest thong, you know, to show off the tushie. Well, as I am walking around, up and down stairs, around the office, I kept feeling a pinching of the soft skin and hairs - there.

A quick trip to the bathroom shows me that in 3 places, the elastic is popping out of the hem and it doesn't look good for the long run. I decide to ride it out for the day. So I am going about my morning and get up one time to get stuff off the printer when it happens. I almost screamed out loud. I change directions and head straight for the bathroom and all I can figure from the evidence at hand is one of the short hairs got tangled around the elastic and yanked out when I got up.

My thong is in the garbage and I am running commando today. Who was the misogynistic bastard that designed those damn things?!?!?! I will run him down if I ever see him. Of course it's a him!


anyone want to ask me how my day is going?