Thursday, October 11, 2012

Did I tell you I have kids?

Probably not. This is a recent development. They are 16, 18, 20, and for the most part, they are good girls who want life, but I think are unprepared to be adults in an adult world. The youngest and the oldest live with us. The middle one who is having a child of her own in a month, lives with mom.

Being a stepmom is probably harder than being a mom in some ways. Even though mom was the one who did the leaving in this situation, she will always be mom. I will always be the woman who makes their dad really really happy, and who they will always view as the one who "just doesn't 'get' them"

I am going to take my time and introduce them as best I can.  Who knew this was going to become a blog about being a stepmom? I always knew I would marry a guy with his own kids, but I wasn't ready.

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